Local January 8, 2013 | 7:32 am

Chief Justice warns judges against endangering society

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German warned that in the hands of a reckless judge and prone to deviations, instead of a guarantor, the law becomes a danger to society.

In his speech to mark Judiciary Day activities headed by president Danilo Medina, German stressed that society’s interests outweigh those of individuals. He said the law’s purpose is to protect society, not to hinder it.

"Magistrates and judges, guarantee the rights of the accused, enforce the Constitution and the law, but don’t leave it unprotected with reckless acts, because reckless acts become unjust acts against society and as such also deserve punishment," he said.

He said justice isn’t just any service either, since the judicial training and the recognition of their rights to work in decent conditions are unavoidable and irreplaceable obligations.

He said many judicial officials are needed, "but many good judicial officials, judicial servants, including judges, public defenders, assistant prosecutors, teachers, clerks, etc."

He said only a judge who interprets his strength and recognizes that their training leads towards that possibility every day, should remain in the judiciary.

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