Local January 9, 2013 | 9:42 am

Puerto Rican kingpin’s paramour fears for her life: Attorney

Santo Domingo.- Money laundering convict Sobeida Felix’s defense lawyer yesterday said his client fears for her life and that of her family after the media published her deposition leading to a plea bargaining agreement, which also led to stricter security around her jail cell.

Interviewed on Teleantillas Channel 2, the attorney Felix Portes said he regrets that the authorities "leaked" the “sensitive” information he affirms can be hazardous to the paramour of Puerto Rican of drug lord Jose Figueroa Agosto.

"As to the statements which have been in the papers, the first thing is that the authorities must determine if they are real, and if real, investigate by other means to confirm, verify and obtain evidence in support of those details that have come out in the press," he said

Portes referred to information in exchange for a lower sentence, in which his client revealed, among other things, that opposition PRD party former presidential candidate Miguel Vargas received US$300,000, and a SUV from Figueroa in 2008.

Felix has been in Najayo prison, south central San Cristobal province since July 2010, with others convicted of forming part of Figueroa’s network.

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