Local January 9, 2013 | 8:46 am

Weak security agencies worry the top prosecutor

Santo Domingo.- Justice Minister Francisco Domínguez on Tuesday said he worries that government security agencies aren’t strong and solid enough to be relentless against the country’s drug trafficking networks.

He said Dominican Republic’s most serious case is the complicity by police and military of all ranks with drug trafficking, which "we have to fight and there’s no time to delay such a decision."

"The only thing the Office of the Prosecutor fears is that institutions aren’t sufficiently robust to be strong and ruthless against drug trafficking. The prosecution is ready for any battle against organized crime and whatever happens we will do what we have to do," Dominguez said.

He said Dominican Republic cannot have any tolerance of the drug business, and must be tough and strong, otherwise " things will get out of hand, and while it is true that the drug is a health issue, the issue of drug trafficking and microtrafficking is a crime which damages and disrupts all, our youth, our community and society."

Dominguez added that prosecutors will fight that evil, doing everything in their power, "so that all these drug gangs don’t get off the hook."

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