Local January 11, 2013 | 4:08 pm

Labor Ministry says case of protesting Haitian workers is in the courts

Santo Domingo.- Labor minister Maritza Hernandez on Friday said the case of the Haitian migrants who demand payment for their work is beyond her agency’s jurisdiction, but stressed its commitment to the respect for human dignity.

"I will never agree with abuse and arbitrariness against any person, whether local or foreign," the official said in a press conference, where she referred to the coconut packer Coquera Real, which the Haitians say owes them 12 months back pay.

She said the case was sent to the San Cristobal Labor Court to ensure mediation and an agreement, and bring the Haitian workers’ 29-day old protest to an end.

The Haitian Francisco Ojilu, speaking for the 112 colleagues camped outside the Labor Ministry, said all they want is their money to return home. "We cannot take it anymore."

He said Coquera Real owner Rafael Emilio Alonso Luna (Billo) has a lot of power and is able to turn the authorities against them, for which they called on president Danilo Medina to intervene and seek a solution to their situation.

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