Local January 16, 2013 | 2:24 pm

Medina gets TV network’s “Person of the Year” award

Santo Domingo.- Upon receiving the "Person of Year" award from executives of the TV network Teleantillas, president Danilo Medina affirmed that his work for Dominicans to isn’t to obtain rewards.

Medina thanked the people who voted for him in the surveys conducted by the network and then Teleantillas’s press department for the initiative.

"I personally don’t like the prizes or work for that, but I accept this with great humility that recognition of all those who, on behalf of the Dominican people, voted for one of the people," Medina said during the ceremony in the National Palace.

The president received the award certificate naming him "Person of the Year" from Teleantillas press director, Juan Bolivar Diaz and the businessman Manuel Corripio.

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