Local January 16, 2013 | 8:24 am

The Police continues “putting down” gangsters

Santo Domingo- A Police patrol late Tuesday afternoon shot and killed alleged drug trafficker Junior Minaya "Gilbert," presumed ringleader of a gang that killed four members of a rival group in a turf war at the "Pentagon" sector of the Herrera subdivision last week.

Police spokesman Maximo Baez said "Gilbert" was killed 22 kilometers north on the Duarte highway, when the alleged offender and three companions in a stolen Toyota Camry confronted a patrol which tried to stop them, adding that two of the suspects were injured.

He said investigators seized two 9mm Glock pistols and a 40 caliber Taurus, which he affirms are banned for civilians.

Others on the loose

Baez also announced the surrender of Joan Minaya (El Topo), alleged member of the group and the main suspect in the shooting death of Edwin Omar Cabrera (El Muerto) and three other rival gangsters in Herrera, attributed to "Gilbert’s" ring.

After Minaya’s death, Julio Méndez (Bomi) also surrendered yesterday, for which Baez called on the gang’s remaining five other members to turn themselves in, warning that the pursuit won’t be halted until they are all caught.

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