Local January 16, 2013 | 9:29 am

Town calls for help as the Caribbean’s biggest lake keeps growing

CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic. – Town mayor Doglas Matos on Tuesday demanded president Danilo Medina’s intervention to halt the misery he affirms Lake Enriquillo’s unchecked flooding causes.

He said although Medina has shown a willingness to help once he took office, "only good intentions are not enough."

"The past natural phenomena have affected this population’s agricultural production and reduced livestock pastureland, since the lake has swallowed nearly all farms," he said.

Matos said emergency plans are needed to help farmers financially and technically in all locations near the Caribbean’s biggest lake, shared by Baoruco and Independence provinces (west).

"Cristobal is the first town affected as soon as there’s flooding, and remember that Rincón Lake (Cabral) flows by canal into Enriquillo, but unfortunately it floods us first," the official said.

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