Local January 18, 2013 | 8:49 am

Major opposition party prepares another “feast of monkeys”(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Former president Hipolito Mejia on Thursday surprised the country by announcing he’ll attend a Executive Committee (CEN) meeting of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party (PRD), just hours after his ouster by the organization’s Disciplinary Board.

Mejia and the other senior leaders said they’ll attend tomorrow’s meeting called by PRD president Miguel Vargas “to defend their rights,” despite being warned not to because he has been expelled, together with acting president Andres Bautista, general secretary Orlando Jorge Mera and organization secretary Vasquez Geanilda.

Mejia’s collaborators were busy going over the list of the CEN members, to "not let the hare be swapped for a cat."

Memories of a shootout

The PRD’s foibles are legendary.

At a press conference in the PRD’s National Agricultural Command, Mejia’s supporters warned they’ll attend the meeting slated for 10am at the Dominican Fiesta hotel, the same place where the party convention to pick a presidential candidate between José Francisco Peña Gomez and Jacobo Majluta ended "like a feast of monkeys…with an onslaught of tails,” with a shootout that lasted nearly 15 minutes.

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