Local January 22, 2013 | 11:20 am

Haitian protesters say their Consul in Santiago runs a mafia

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic.- The Haitian Consulate in Santiago was closed Tuesday morning after a mob demanded the removal of the consul Ralph Hipolitte, accused of selling identities to criminals in his country.

The president of the Association of Haitian Students in the Dominican Republic, Asley Fils, said their consul is helping criminals, some of whom have escaped from prison, with other people’s passports.

Dozens of students, workers and pastors gathered outside the Haitian consulate, which was cordoned off by police, affirming that a mafia steals the identity of migrants from within.

Protesters complain that when more than 100 people went to obtain documents, the consulate failed to issue them and told applicants they must go to Haiti to resolve their situation.

The Haitians asked their president Michel Martelly to launch an investigation into the case, affirming that the identities of around 113 people have been stolen.

Haiti’s Consul in Santiago, who arrived in the post two months ago, through one of the employees, said he wouldn’t comment for now.

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