Local January 23, 2013 | 7:49 am

Lax controls allow cops to serve thugs: El Dia

Santo Domingo.- The National Police’s lack of internal and external controls figure among the root causes for corrupt agents to link up with criminals, and provide key information that can botch an operation, and what’s worse, endanger the lives of people who cooperate with authorities.

National Human Rights Commission president Manuel María Mercedes agrees with the conclusion, after newspaper El Dia revealed that police agents provided alleged drug ringleader Junior Javier Minaya (Gilbert) the names of residents of the barrio Guaijimía, who had collaborated with the authorities for his arrest, but was preparing to kill those people at the time of his death.

Mercedes called severe the fact that police agents informed "Gilbert’s" ring of what the neighbors denounced to authorities. "As to newspaper El Dia’s complaint, this situation reveals the level of the National Police’s decomposition, making it urgent, now more than ever, the need for its transformation as soon as possible."

The Human Rights activist affirmed that police agents are involved in three of every five criminal acts, which in his view make the law enforcement agency untenable.

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