Local January 24, 2013 | 8:58 am

Grass roots movement defends protest against Xstrata Nickel project

Santo Domingo.- The Civic Movement Toy Jarto (I’m fed up) on Wednesday denounced a violation of their right to protest against what it called Xstrata Nickel’s irrational exploitation of Loma Miranda, in the Central Mountains.

It said the case is similar to when the Administrative Court handed down a ruling on December 2, 2010 which condemned the police abuse against some of its members who demanded the allocation of 4% of GDP for education.

“At that time the Court ordered the National Police to respect the right to peaceful demonstrations and stressed the right of free assembly of all Dominican Republic’s citizens, without prior permit, and the constitutional right conferred by articles 8, 48 and 255 of the Constitution,” Toy Jarto said.

“On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the birth of our Founding Father Juan Pablo Duarte, is demeaning that the it’s the youth which undertake social changes, when the Republic itself was the result of the courageous struggle of our Homeland’s fathers,” the movement said, adding that the protesters don’t cause unrest, the tear gas and the use of force was an “entirely disproportionate reaction.”

Toy Jarto members protested in front of the UN offices located on Mirador Sur park, in the sector of the same name.

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