Local January 27, 2013 | 10:09 am

Opposition party meeting ends in chaos, several injuries(Update)

Santo Domingo.- A thick haze surrounded Dominican Republic’s opposition PRD party headquarters as hundreds of its rank and file tried to enter a meeting of the entity’s Political Commission by force, with at least one death origilnally reproted by local media, but later updated to serious condition.

Former PRD general secretary Orlando Jorge, had announced the death of Mejia suporter Socrates Ureña, from gunshot wounds, in addition to several people hurt.

The incidents prompted antiriot police to hurl dozens of tear gas canisters into the crowd, which dispersed to nearby streets.

Former president Hipolito Mejia headed a motorcade to PRD headquarters which surrounded the area, as police stood between them and the interior of the building.

Several injuries have been reported as the rival factions pushed and shoved in front of the building on the busy Churchill Av.

Spokesman for PRD president Wilfredo Alemany condemned the situation he affirms was cuased by Mejia, and acknowledged that they were overwhelmed by the event. “The country doesn’t deserve this, we didn’t foresee this turn of events.”

More information as available

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