Local January 29, 2013 | 2:22 pm

Electoral Board “will not intervene” in party scuffle

Santo Domingo.- Central Electoral Board (JCE) president RobertoRosario said yesterday that the board has decided not to intervene in theconfrontation between the rival factions supporting former president of theRepublic Hipólito Mejía and former presidential candidate, party presidentMiguel Vargas Maldonado in their fight to control the PRD, the country’s mainopposition party.

He did however express his regret at the situation that erupted onSunday outside party headquarters, with at least eight party activists andleading members injured during the clash.

He said that the JCE members had reached their decision at a meeting withleading PRD members Geanilda Vásquez and Orlando Jorge Mera, at the JCEpresident’s office last Thursday.

“The Board’s official decision is therefore to keep to the sidelines ofthis situation”, said Rosario, adding that “only if the JCE considers itappropriate, based on an administrative decision, it could intervene in thisprocess”.

He said that the internal conflict in the PRD did not come under any ofthe tasks assigned to the JCE under article 6 of Law 275-97, which establishesthe Board’s role.

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