Local January 31, 2013 | 8:24 am

The tax man warns dodgers on the ides of March

Santo Domingo.- Internal Taxes Agency (DGII) director Guarocuya Felix warned Wednesday that a sweeping plan against tax dodgers will start in March, in compliance with the Tax Amnesty Law.

He said it’s an opportunity for many people to update their status, without fear of additional penalties.

To date there have been 7, 200 applications. The deadline is February 8 for individuals and the 10th for companies.

Felix said the DGII’s tough decisions aim to carry out the best tax management in all of Latin America.

"Paying taxes is uncomfortable, so we have to make it the least unpleasant possible, so the people approach the tax authorities without fear and meet their obligations. We’re focused on expanding the database and the treatment of taxpayers, especially the common citizen," the oficial said, quoted by the Corripio Communications Group.

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