Local February 5, 2013 | 12:54 pm

Top Deputy tells Barrick Gold contract review can’t wait

Santo Domingo. – Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinez on Tuesday called Barrick Gold executives to talks with the government to review the contract for its Dominican Republic mine at Pueblo Viejo, Cotui (central).

"We hope that its (Barrick) executives take a step for the government and Barrick to examine the contract with the Government to find a solution that benefits the country. But this review cannot wait any longet and we in the Chamber of Deputies have firmly decied to proceed in that direction," Martinez said.

The lower Chamber’s Environment, Justice, Finance and Energy and Mines committees have been instructed to review the contract’s other aspects, and issue recommendations within one month.

The Santiago lawmaker stressed that Congress could amend the contract’s original conditions, and noted that when approved, gold’s price was US$300 an ounce, and is now US$1,676.

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