Local February 8, 2013 | 10:57 am

Authorities issue hundreds of visas to Haitian workers

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Dominican and Haitian diplomatic and consular authorities on Friday headed handed out Haitian passports stamped with Dominican visas to 699 Haitians, with which they can work legally in Dominican territory during one year.

The visas were issued after Haitian authorities vetted thousands of applications, said Dominican consul in Ouanaminthe (northeast Haiti), Eunice Jimeno, quoted by local media.

It was also learned that 128 additional visas will be issued to as many Haitians in the coming days.

The Haitians who obtained the document thanked the efforts of the Haiti ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Fritz Cineas, and Jesuit priest Regino Martinez, head of the charitable organization, Border Solidarity.

Cineas stressed the importance of the visas, which in his opinion contribute to bolster relations Santo Domingo-Port-au-Prince ties.

The activity comes just weeks after Haitians staged protests when Dominican Border Security agents stopped them while trying to enter Dominican territory without work permits.

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