Local February 11, 2013 | 7:50 am

In rally rant, former president calls rival ‘enemy-for-life’

Santo Domingo.- Former President Hipolito Mejia lashed out at Miguel Vargas, his opponent within the opposition PRD party during a rally on Sunday, and declared himself his “enemy-for-life for killing and stealing" the country, together with the government.

Mejia, speaking in the city’s Recreation Center in this city quoted former PRD leaders Jose Francisco Peña Gómez, Antonio Guzman and Juan Bosch, “who never killed or robbed. "… I have not stolen, but they have killed and robbed, and those who steal from the people are traitors, and this is the title that we have placed on the main traitor of the last election, if he had any come shame he wouldn’t go out to the street, he would stay at home … that’s the reason I have threatened him and that’s why I will always be his enemy. "

He said political democracy hasn’t helped solve the population’s problems, for which he’s ready to wage battles in any territory and under whatever circumstances. "Rest assured that I am ready to fight, here, there and beyond there, nothing and nobody will stop a frontal fight."

But contrary to Mejia’s rant, PRD vice president José Francisco Peña Guaba, who also spoke at the rally, made a call for forgiveness and dialogue, while senior leader Guido Gomez suggested an “amnesty.”

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