Local February 13, 2013 | 9:04 am

Official hails the government’s initiatives for the disabled

New York.- The Dominican government’s initiatives for people with disabilities were hailed on Tuesday by UN Social Development Commission president Lamsal Sewa Adhikari and by the many delegations attending its 51st yearly assembly.

Among the Dominican representative figured officials of the National Council for the Elderly (CONAPE), and the National Council on Disability (CONADIS), who stressed the coordinated effort as part of president Danilo Medina’s social policies to provide equal opportunities for all Dominicans.

"As part of the government’s political will to protect and guarantee the dignity of persons with disabilities, the Office of the First Lady has also created a new project called the Comprehensive Care Center for the Disabled, which assists children with special conditions," said CONADIS director Magino Corporán.

The official said development can only be achieved with investing in and empowering young people, people with disabilities, and the elderly, under comprehensive and equal opportunities, and noted the allocation of 4% of GDP for education.

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