Local February 15, 2013 | 10:07 am

Recent court rulings, disturbing: Justice Minister

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Minister yesterday called some of the recent court rulings, disturbing, noting that a simple read of their content reveals the disorder in the entire criminal justice system.

Francisco Domínguez said certain articles in the rulings could be declared unconstitutional. "What’s worst of all is that citizens perceive that impunity is the rule."

"People can’t believe that you can break the law without facing or assuming the consequences, as this weakens the rule of law of any nation,” the official said, in the wake of court rulings favoring senators Amable Aristy and Felix Bautista, both charged with embezzling hundreds of millions of pesos.

Dominguez, who announced he’ll appeal the recent rulings, also warned that taxpayers’ money cannot be played with, because it’s the result of hard work of a people, or take what’s not theirs, and nothing happens.

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