Local February 22, 2013 | 10:36 am

The FBI whisk off local man, Canadian woman to face charges in NYC

Santo Domingo.- A Dominican man and a Canadian woman were handed over in extradition to U.S. authorities Thursday night to face drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud charges in New York, the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) said in a statement.

Emerson Daniel Guzman (El Flaco and /or Charlie) is charged with forming part of network which traffics cocaine in New York and other U.S. cities.

The Canadian Janice Pemberton, aka Samantha Carson, Janice Pemberton-Gruman and Samantha Parker, arrested by local police and Interpol in September 2012, faces charges of bank wire fraud “via telemarketing connection against at least 10 people of 55 or older.”

The two were flown out of the country at Las Americas International Airport (AILA) on Delta Airlines flight 488, after they were handed over to FBI agents, said DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebron.

"This guy (Guzman) has long figured on the FBI’s most wanted list, because he’s among a group of people wanted in New York to face charges for allegedly defrauding the U.S. security system," Lebron said.

Pemberton "victimized many people over 55 years and incited other accomplices to do the same," to fraudulently obtain large sums and then proceed to launder it,” Lebron said.

The official said after committing their crimes in the U.S., fled to Dominican Republic where they undertook a "normal life."

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