Local February 26, 2013 | 10:04 am

Customers might not have to pay their RD$7.0B water debt

Santo Domingo.- Greater Santo Domingo water and sewage utility (CAASD) director Alejandro Montas affirmed Monday that aqueduct customers owed around RD$7.0 billion, for which it has started a process to recover those funds.

Speaking with reporters in the National Palace, the official said the agency is currently eliminating debts in arrears and then negotiate payments. "We’re reaching and agreement, we’re notifying those people to reach a workable agreement and pay, and establish service for many who don’t have it."

As part of discussions with those customers, Montas said the arrears are being forgiven or condoned, charging only the current debt. "We are making payment arrangements; normally we would no longer receive more than 50% -approximately RD$5.0 billion- of accumulated debt."

He added that the CAASD collects RD$80 million monthly instead of the RD$150 million he affirms the agency should.

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