Local February 26, 2013 | 7:39 am

Latin American Idol winner to spend one year in jail on drug charges

Santiago.- Pop singer Martha Heredia, accused of trying to smuggle 1.28 kilos of heroin out of the country through Cibao International Airport, will spend one year in prison to await trial, Santiago judge Deyanira Mendez ruled Monday.

The 2009 winner of the reality show Latin American Idol will be incarcerated in the penitentiary at Rafey starting today Tuesday, said Santiago prosecutor Luisa Liranzo.

She said the prosecution submitted evidence linking the artist with drug possession.

During the hearing the singer’s lawyer Felix Portes interrupted the prosecutor, to request the field test which determined the type of drug, the tickets, the videos and the numbers of the luggage tickets. "They haven’t provided any specific document as to the package where the finding occurred, nor what kind of substance it had. The prosecution had to conduct a field test at the very airport.”

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