Local March 5, 2013 | 8:35 am

Sex, lies and video-politics in senator Menendez scandal

Santo Domingo.- Prominent attorney Vinicio Castillo Seman on Monday accused a leader of the opposition PRD party of making a fake video to discredit him, U.S. senator Robert (Bob) Menendez and wealthy eye doctor Solomon Melgen.

Castillo, quoted by Noticias Sin, said the investigation by the District Attorney’s Office, the National Police, and the High Technology Crimes Intelligence Agency (DICAT), determined that the lawyer Melanio Figueroa, a leader of the PRD, was the person who recording the video showing three prostitutes allegedly demanding payment for their services from t he U.S. Senator.

He said two people involved in the alleged smear campaign against him, confessed to having made the video with false accusations.

The lawyer Miguel Galván, a resident of La Romana, said in a sworn confession said Figueroa contacted him a few days before the U.S. elections, to help him find witnesses in an attempt to make a recording that would be used in a divorce case by a person in the U.S.

Galvan, according to a public statement delivered by Castillo, revealed that he was the person who sought Nexis de los Santos to participate in a video which was later used against Menendez on the Web.

De os Santos, in a notarized affidavit, confirmed to be the person who appears in the video and claims she was misled by Figueroa, who even wrote a script of what say in the recording.

Both de los Santos and Galvan filed an appeal to avert to criminal prosecution for their involvement in the incident, alleging they were also deceived.

Castillo affirmed he would attend a hearing in in the case slated for La Romana on 9am Tuesday.

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