Local March 11, 2013 | 9:22 am

Push to probe historic crimes grows

Santo Domingo.- The initiative by the Museum of the Resistance to create a Commission of Truth to clarify political crimes which have rocked the country was hailed by various sectors Sunday, and also made recommendations to seek the truth in Dominican Republic’s historical episodes.

The Caamaño Foundation said it joins the initiative and requested a probe into the "tens of thousands of murders and disappearances” that occurred in the country since the first U.S. occupation in 1916.

The historian and professor Joseph Antinoe Fiallo suggested an even more extensive recommendation, to start the investigation at the foundation of the Republic in 1844.

Fiallo said the country should have a standing committee to clarify for the majority of the population, the major crimes such as the murders of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, and one of the Founding Fathers, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, who in his view went unpunished.

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