Local March 13, 2013 | 9:41 am

Shaman makes dupe’s cash vanish

SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Police on Tuesday arrested a Haitian “witch doctor” accused of defrauding several people out of more than 12 million pesos, on promises of making them "billionaires."

The police said David Fuente Perez "El Barraco" and/or "El Brujo", 28, and three other “sorcerers” identified only as "Chico", "Andres" and "Mon".

Police said Rafael Abreu affirms having handed the suspects RD$4.3 million and US$90,000 to “grow” them to 300 million pesos.

He alleges that after handing over the money he says he won in a lottery, Fuente didn’t keep his promise.

And although the alleged shaman admits the facts, he says he won’t return the money because Abreu “sold him a son to the devil for him to purify" and multiply his money.

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