Local March 19, 2013 | 9:14 am

TV host’s case could be “this year’s biggest scandal,” lawyer warns

Santo Domingo.- TV host Angie Agramonte’s lawyer Pedro José Duarte on Monday said the prosecution has no evidence linking her to the US$300,000 seized from the Colombian Ginaliz Quintero December 12, and warned the case could become “this year’s biggest scandal.”

"We don’t understand how they could say that cocaine residue appeared in Angie’s vehicle three months later, without the presence of a prosecutor, if the Justice Ministry’s Anti-Money Laundering Unit director dismissed it a few days ago," he said. "The allegations seek to cover up the real culprits. We have the name of the TV host they don’t want to bring up, but we’ll reveal it in due time, because it’s going to be this year’s biggest scandal."

Speaking on Z-101FM radio, Duarte stressed that the authorities haven’t found a way to link Agramonte to the case, because she doesn’t own bank accounts or properties and the SUV they say is hers, is not because what she drives is has a Volkswagen car.

Agramonte said Quintero and she “are only friends.”

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