Local March 27, 2013 | 9:39 am

Minister announces environmental plan

SantoDomingo.- The Minister of the Environment and Natural ResourcesBautista Rojas Gómez will launch a national consultation process in Aprilfor a broad-based discussion that will serve as a basis for the approval of theTen-Year Environmental Plan.

He said the aim is for the country to have a frameworkthat will contribute to making viable a development agenda based aroundenvironmental issues, on the grounds that this is a theme that cuts across mostnational policies.

He stated that the consultation would involve alarge-scale national mobilization, based on the framework of the Constitution ofthe Republic and the National Development Strategy.

The Environmental Plan will represent a huge stepforward, said Rojas Gómez, because it will help prioritize environmental issuesin the country’s development process. He said that several national sectorswith an influence on Dominican society could not remain on the margin of thelinkages to the environment and natural resources, and that they would be ableto make their contributions through the discussions generated by this plan.

“We will work tirelessly for this issue to be taken onas part of the national agenda, because in the coming decades the country’sdevelopment will depend on respect for the environment and natural resources.”

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