Local March 28, 2013 | 8:30 am

Malecón ‘resort’ opens at noon

Santo Domingo.- The sand terrace or ‘resort’ with 12swimming pools set up by the city authorities on the Malecón will be open tothe public as of noon Thursday, said Mayor Roberto Salcedo.

The oceanfront avenue will be closed to traffic betweenthe José Heredía and the Máximo Gómez intersections, and between 700 and 800people are expected to visit the beach-style installations. Eight of the poolsare for children, with a capacity for 40-45 kids, and the remaining four canhold between 25 to 30 adults.

While outlining the plans for the avenue next to theGüibia Park area, Salcedo said that he decided to repeat last year’s Easter weekend initiativebecause of the positive response it had received.

“I think that all the security and organizational measureshave been taken and we hope that the residents conduct themselves in an orderlymanner. We have prepared a program of activities, not just in the pools: thereare inflatable games, we will have sports events, competitions, all in all, avery full program for residents to enjoy,” said Salcedo.

He said that the cost was approximately RD$8 million –“a minimal investment when you take into account the number of people who willbenefit.”

Salcedo added that each person entering the area wouldbe checked to prevent the carrying and use of firearms. Some 200 municipalpolice agents will be posted in the area and 14 security cameras have beeninstalled.

Salcedo was accompanied by Fire Chief Oscar GuillermoGarcía and Andrés Navarro, secretary general of the council, who also spokeabout the plan.

Navarro said that the sand platform, the entertainmentstages and the inflatable games would be installed as of Wednesday.

“We have parking areas on both ends of the closedstreets and the area round the Hotel El Prado construction site,” said Navarro.

The council official added that there would be twobathrooms for each pool and that specialized personnel, such as lifeguards, would beon duty.

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