Local April 2, 2013 | 7:36 am

Catholic Cardinal slams group partially funded by the U.S.

Santo Domingo.- Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez on Monday came out in defense of president Danilo Medina, noting that the chief executive isn’t a magician to fix all of the country’s problems in just eight months, and should be given more time.

Lopez Rodriguez’s searing response came after statements by the civic group Citizen Participation, partially funded by the U.S., which stated that the president hasn’t kept 63% of his promises and lacks policies to ensure ethics in government.

"It would be good for Citizen Participation to demonstrate what they are doing, I think it’s very easy to criticize. The president is not a magician, I think we need to fix many things and has obviously shown his style of governing well enough already and what his purpose is, what more do they want," the prelate said.

The Catholic Church leader added that Medina makes “superhuman” efforts to distance himself from practices of other styles of governing and that should be recognized.

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