Local April 9, 2013 | 10:33 am

Drug dealers strike fear in Dominican Republic resort town

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- A spate of violent often drug-related crimes has rattled the resort town of Sosua, where some business owners have opted to shut their doors on fears of reprisal.

In the latest incident, a local political leader was shot dead after he denounced a drug-dealer’s business in Puerto Plata, and the victim’s 24-year-old son was seriously hurt in the assault.

Adalberto Pichardo Martinez, 55, a leader of the PRD party and head of Sosua’s Sanitation Dept., died from gunshots sustained Monday night.

Gunmen shot the victim after he denounced the dealer who’s allegedly protected by authorities.

The police arrested Juan Demo Riveras, who according the report, was caught while hiding in a cave next to the shore.

Fear in Cabarete

Two owners of surfing school at El Encuentro beach in nearby Cabarete were forced to abandon the area after being threatened by drug dealers, and in one case one of the facilities was torched and totally gutted.

One of the business owners, who asked not to reveal their name, said he shuttered his business on fears that the drug dealers would retaliate for denouncing their activity.

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