Local April 16, 2013 | 9:25 am

“Garage” university’s lack of parking puts students at risk

Santo Domingo.- Caribe (Unicaribe), one of several “garage universities,” runs the risk of being shuttered for failing to build parking facilities for its students, and failure to comply with several of the Higher Education Ministry’s (MESCyT) pending requirements.

In the Ministry’s most recent study problems were detected with its buildings, security, environment, registration, organization, deficient labs oratories, which Unicaribe has been complying with, but its parking hasn’t been improved, despite pledges to Higher Education minister Ligia Amada Melo.

A source in the MESCyT quoted by eldia.com.do revealed that the violations prompted the ministry to halt further expansion of Unicaribe, including the construction of a footbridge over the 30 de Mayo highway (Malecon).

National District City Council general secretary Andres Navarro on Monday said the construction of the "improper" pedestrian bridged will not be allowed because it breaks with the seascape. "Unicaribe thus far has refused to carry out a project in the dimension of its parking demand."

He said despite having bought many properties in the area, Unicaribe has yet to build the required parking, for which students and teachers use the highway’s median and the Caribbean shore.

The official said the pedestrian bridge would lead to the use of that protected area as a parking lot.

Navarro added that the authorities will seek a solution to reduce the risk of accidents, such as speed bumps, road signs and flashing lights.

The term “garage university” is given to the numerous centers of “higher learning” that seem to pop up anywhere in the country, revealing incompetence by authorities.

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