Local April 19, 2013 | 3:16 pm

Three Dominicans eye Passaic, NJ mayoral post

NEW YORK.- Three Dominicans want to be mayor of Passaic, New Jersey, where elections are slated for May 4.

La Vega (central) native and current Mayor Alex Blanco, credited with doing a great job for the city, heads the pack of Dominican politicians in the race for the town’s top elected post through the Democratic primary.

Blanco seeks reelection and is challenged by real estate entrepreneur Jose Sandoval, and Giovanny Regalado, who tried to withdraw his candidacy but a court rejected it on Tuesday, citing that the 60-day period had expired .

Sandoval promises to work hard to restore Passaic and slams Blanco’s tenure, stating that he hasn’t done anything for the city which he affirms doesn’t even have a movie theater.

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