Local April 23, 2013 | 12:06 pm

Officials, neighbors block “garage” university’s planned pedestrian walk

Santo Domingo. – A majority of City Councilmembers and representatives from six neighborhood boards near Caribe university (Unicaribe) on Monday announced their support for National District mayor Roberto Salcedo’s refusal to build a pedestrian crossing in front of the campus and adjacent to the Caribbean shore.

Councilmembers Thania Baez and Pedro Cosma said it’s up to Unicaribe to solve its parking problem, while residents say the constant noise and all types of businesses that sell food and alcoholic drinks have ruined their neighborhood.

"We can’t stand the noise from the large number of vehicles and all types of businesses around Unicaribe," said of neighborhood board presidents Manuel Monegro, of El Tropical, Nelson Galvan, of Villa Diana, Eneida Reyes, of Reparto Edda and Luis Soto, of Dominicanos Asusentes, among others.

Representatives of neighborhood councils of Los Kilometros also oppose the facility, considered a “garage” university for the way it was hastily built, affirming that it has brought chaos to the area with the proliferation of businesses, which they affirm have made San Pablo St. into a public market.

"On that very street you can see the chock full of pillars that business owners placed there to prevent university visitors from parking there."

Last week Councilmembers Waldys Taveras and Consuelo Despradel had also voiced support to preserve the 30 de Mayo Highway’s landscape by denying a permit to build a pedestrian bridge, noting that it lead the further violation of the zoning law.

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