Local April 25, 2013 | 11:23 am

Did a Tweet dupe Dominican Republic’s oldest newspaper?

Santo Domingo.- Another strange Twitter story is emerging out of Dominican Republic’s media prompted by an article on Listin Diario, the country’s oldest newspaper, regarding an alleged domestic violence by a TV cable mogul and former Tourism minister Frank Jorge Elias.

Listin’s article published on Wednesday cites his wife, former beauty queen Sandra Kurdas, as complaining of alleged aggression and a photo on Twitter showing a black eye.

Although several media outlets quickly jumped on the news item, Listin inexplicably pulled it from its Website.

The alleged aggression of Jorge’s wife comes just days after the hacking of the AP’s Website and a bogus report of an attack against the White House.

The article which appeared online:

“The wife of a former Tourism Minister and Dominican media entrepreneur reported today via her Twitter account that she’s a victim of domestic violence, according to local media.”

“The complaint from Sandra Kurda, wife of businessman Frank Jorge Elías, owner of television station Supercanal 33, is accompanied by a photograph of her face where bruises on her left eye can be observed.”

“The information published by the newspaper Listin Diario on its website, said Kurda complaint on her Twitter account of National District prosecutor, Yeni Berenice Reynoso.”

“Sandra Kurda also ‘retweeted’ on a case of a woman who reported being abused by her husband for 30 years of marriage.”

“In December 2011, the couple renewed their wedding vows on the 30th anniversary of their marriage in a pompous ceremony officiated in the cathedral of Santo Domingo, by Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, and attended by among others, then President Leonel Fernandez.”

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