Local May 1, 2013 | 2:58 pm

U.S. Ambassador hails the Dominican people on Barrick Gold row

Santo Domingo.- U.S. ambassador Raul Yzaguirre on Wednesday admitted a change of heart on the Barrick Gold row, given the Dominican people’s strong feelings on the issue.

He said he expects the government and Barrick Gold to renegotiate the contract for the mine at Pueblo Viejo soon, because in his view will benefit for both parties. "My opinion has changed a bit, I understand that the Dominican people have a deep feeling on this issue, and I appreciate the way the Barrick Gold issue has been made aware of and dealt with."

On February 27 Yzaguirre warned that president Danilo Medina’s deadline issued to Barrick Gold to renegotiate the mining contract was dangerous and would affect foreign investment.

The diplomat spoke during a visit to the Superior Electoral Court accompanied by U.S. political affairs council Alexander Genegar.

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