Local May 2, 2013 | 9:52 am

Don’t jump the gun on presidential bids, senior officials warn

Don’t jump the gun on presidential bids, senior officialswarn

Santo Domingo.- A seniorcabinet minister on Wednesday asked his Economy colleague Temistocles Montas toresign, for what he affirms is jumpingthe gun on presidential candidacies,three years before the 2016 elections.

Miguel Mejia cautioned Montas against using his post asan instrument to promote what he affirms is a neoliberal presidential candidacy“representing the interests of the IMF and other international financial entities.”

He said Montas’ presidential aspiration distracts himfrom his tasks in government, to become the IMF’s presidential candidate in 2016.

Mejia’s statement is the latest salvo among seniorgovernment officials and leaders of the ruling PLD party, and include the headsof the Petroleum Refinery, Felix Jimenez, and of the Telcecom Agency, CarlosAmarante, who’ve warned against “extemporaneous” presidential bids.

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