Local May 9, 2013 | 12:19 pm

TV mogul, former Tourism chief jailed in domestic violence case

Santo Domingo.-After an interrogation of more than one hour, former Tourism minister FrankJorge Elías was escorted from a Justice Ministry branch office in the sector BellaVista to the National District Office of the Prosecutor, where he was takendirectly to a courthouse cell.

The cable TVmogul arrived in an unmarked black car accompanied by his lawyers includingRamon Pina, who said prosecutor Yenni Berenice Reynoso’s actions were “veryinconsiderate.”

Jorge wentthis to the Domestic Violence Unit Thursday morning after local media outletsrevealed that despite the arrest warrant issued against the former official on April30, it had yet to be carried out.

The businessleader, who owns the TV channel Supercanal, declined statements to the press gatheredat the Ciudad Nueva courthouse.

His wife theformer beauty queen Sandra Kurdas filed charges accusing Jorge of beating her.

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