Local May 13, 2013 | 8:32 am

“Venom” document targets Medina’s top aid; Ethics chief

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Government’s Ethics Commission on Sunday revealed a 22-page unsigned document he affirms seeks to discredit Danilo Medina’s administration, specifically targeting Presidency Chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo.

Marino Vinicio (Vincho) Castillo said as many as 14 pages of the document he called “libelous” are devoted solely to slander Montalvo. “It’s not common rumor, it’s pure venom.”

He said those behind the pamphlet want to "poison Medina’s mind" with his closest aids, distort his Administration’s positive measures.

Speaking in his program on Digital 15 TV, Dr. Castillo said those responsible also aim to publish the document in leading American newspapers to unleash an international scandal.

"This is a sinister work in the art of insult, disregard and attack towards president Danilo Medina, it’s part of a plot with the clear objective of driving a wedge between president Medina and (former president) Leonel Fernandez, because for these sectors it’s important to keep these two leaders weak and vulnerable."

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