Local May 14, 2013 | 8:35 am

Senator again warns of “swift rebuke” against Xstrata Nickel mine

Santo Domingo.- La Vega province senator Euclides Sanchez on Tuesday repeated his warning that any attempt by Xstrata Nickel Falcondo to exploit Loma Miranda, “will be met rebuke of unforeseeable consequences.”

He said the push to protect Loma Miranda has prompted unprecedented unity among the region’s inhabitants, because it’s a struggle carried out with technical criteria. “We’ve reached the conclusion, whether a La Vega resident or not, that Miranda’s environmental benefits are much greater than any mining exploitation.”

Sanchez said Xstrata Nickel’s current operation near Bonao unleashes pollutants such as iron oxides, for which he cautioned the government against “stepping over the interests of a region to allow mining there.”

He said Dominican Republic must see that it’s headed toward desertification, for which the protection of its natural resources is vital and “must see Haiti” as a warning.

“Any attempt to exploit that mine will be met with swift rebuke of unforeseeable consequences, the rivers are vanishing before our eyes, the government’s are unable to handle climate change as natural disasters overwhelm us,” the lawmaker said, adding that if the ban on mining Loma Miranda prompts Falconbridge to leave, “so bet it.”

Sanchez, speaking on Hoy Mismo Channel 9, added that Dominicans must realize the assets Loma Miranda provides. “It’s a mine of water, of oxygen, of greenery, we are a nation blessed by God, we can’t commit the folly of extracting metals for stakeholders in Canada, while ravaging our assets here.”

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