Local May 20, 2013 | 12:40 pm

Ombudsman: another highly-paid bureaucrat or real defender

Santo Domingo.- A survey by elnational.com.do found what has been stated for years regarding the designation of an Ombudsman, that most people see it as just another highly-paid bureaucrat with little power to help people harassed by big government.

The outlet’s poll found that 78 percent of its readers called the post unnecessary while 22% agree with it.

The Senate designated Zoila Martinez Ombudsman on Wednesday, from a short list submitted to by the lower Chamber.

Opponents said the Ombudsman’s functions will collide with those of the Justice Ministry and the Constitutional Court.

Senate president Reinaldo Pared on Wednesday said the Ombudsman post was unnecessary but figures in the Constitution, “so we must respect that.”

But those who defend the post argue that it would curb abuses by agencies and officials against the defenseless population.


In a related poll, 82 percent readers of elnacional.com.do called Martinez’s designation “unfortunate” while 18% support it.

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