Local May 20, 2013 | 3:21 pm

Prosecutor says drug cartel plans to kill him

Dominican Republic.- La Romana province prosecutor José Polanco Ramírez said Monday drug traffickers and killers-for-hire plan attempts on his life and those of his family, for which he was assigned more bodyguards.

He said Justice minister Francisco Dominguez and Police chief Jose A. Polanco already provided increased protection for him and his family, from the threat by the so-called "Cartel of the East."

"We decided to confront organized crime," the official said, who noted that the alleged threats were uncovered through third parties. "It has been determined by interrogation, according to police, that there’s a serious threat to my life and our family. The National Police has warned us."

He said the intimidation increased after the arrest of "Cartel of the East" members, linked to in heinous crimes in that on other eastern cities, such as the recent shooting death of two men and two others wounded in the Car Wash-Café Coton.

Polanco Ramirez said he’s aware of the job’s risks, but does it regardless fear, even if some authorities might be linked to organized crime.

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