Local May 21, 2013 | 12:08 pm

Dominican Republic’s Cardinal slams ruling for sex education

Santo Domingo.- A visibly enraged Catholic cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez on Tuesday issued a scathing to response to National District judge Eunice Minaya’s ruling for the family planning agency’s (Pro Familia) sex education campaign, which he sarcastically hailed.

"I first of all congratulate that most illustrious and wisest of judges for the ruling, secondly, I also congratulate all communicators who’re benefiting from all these NGOs, that gang of people walking around handing out money to do what they desire… and thirdly, let the party continue, every man for himself.”

The Archbishop of Santo Domingo also attacked gay marriage: "All those comedies don’t lead to anything more than to degenerate human beings."

He said even if every country in the world approves same sex marriages, they are wrong because that’s not God’s way. "Man and female he created, Genesis, male and woman he created, so there’s no need to look for anything else. But today’s world, a world of phonies, comedians, of ignoramuses and evil, what they’re looking for is just that, to do all things as they wish."

"He who wants to live with another male, go for it on your own, but for the State to go so low, to ridicule and pervert itself by giving a category marriage between two men or two women I will never accept, that’s shameful," the prelate said.

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