Local May 24, 2013 | 1:03 pm

Bill creates Dominican Republic’s 1st “red light district” submitted again

Santo Domingo. – Opposition deputy Esther Minyety on Friday said she submitted the bill to create the "red light district" to the lower Chamber, because the originally proposed legislation had expired.

The PRD party legislator said she’s confident the bill aimed at establishing norms for streets near historical places where women offer sexual services will pass.

She said the bill, already sent to a committee of Deputies to study, has the support some 130 lawmakers, from only three just three years ago.

As to Justice minister Francisco Dominguez’s warning of arresting men who use women’s sexual services, Minyety said there’s no such law, and punishes the pimps instead. "A public policy is needed to create a fixed place for them to offer their services and not at every corner, with skimpy clothing even."

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