Local May 29, 2013 | 11:13 am

Opposition party rising star slams colleagues as “eroded” leaders

Santo Domingo.- A leader and presidential candidacy hopeful of the opposition PRD party on Tuesday slammed former president Hipolito Mejia and party president Miguel Vargas, both of whose leadership he affirms “has eroded.”

José (Neney) Cabrera said that the bishop Agripino Nuñez mediates to end the organization’s crisis and has already spoken both leaders, but warned that any solution to the PRD’s internal crisis must result from an open convention, regardless of "agreements in smoke-filled rooms."

He said rather than seeking the nomination, his decision to internally seek a dialogue within the organization aims to bolster the PRD’s pride. "The PRD is more than Miguel Vargas and Hipolito Mejia and any other leader. The PRD is a feeling and there are many talents. The party crisis is evidence that the leadership of these two colleagues is eroding.”

"The first thing a political leader has to learn is to put the collective interest above the particular. The crisis that affects us in the PRD has a high personal component,” Cabrera said on 95.7 FM La Nota.

He revealed during conciliation efforts by ??several leaders showed that Mejia was more receptive than Vargas.

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