Local May 31, 2013 | 10:59 am

RD$2.0M reward to find those missing after tyrant’s execution

Santo Domingo. – The Patriotic Foundations Federation on Thursday announced a RD$2.0 million reward to anyone with information that leads to the remains of those kidnapped and missing after the of May 30, 1961, execution the of the tyrant Rafael Trujillo.

Patriotic Federations Foundation president Rosa Arvelo de Messina said the reward aims to gather information on the whereabouts of the remains of Mario, Bolívar, Pablo and Antonio de la Maza; the brothers Modesto and Juan Tomás Díaz and his son Tomasito Díaz.

Also Miguel Ángel Báez Díaz and his son Miguel Báez, Lt. Amado García, Huáscar Tejeda, Roberto Pastoriza, Pedro Livio Cedeño, Salvador Estrella Sadhalá and Luis Manuel Cáceres (Tunti).

Also cited were Segundo Imbert Barrera, Rafael Augusto Sánchez Sanlley, the Lt. José Manuel Núñez, the brothers and sergeants Wenceslao Taveras (Martín) and Jorge Taveras, as well as the workers of the house of Juan Tomás Díaz, all of them kidnapped May 31 that year.

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