Local June 7, 2013 | 7:45 am

“Liar,” Dominican Chief Justice calls judge in biggest land fraud case

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court Chief justice Mariano German on Thursday slammed the head of the “guild” of judges, Yudelka Villanueva, for lying on a radio program, when she said she had been authorized to participate in that program and had met with the Judicial Board to discuss disciplinary measures and pensions.

"I want to point out that on principle I repudiate everything that is a lie, even more, I get irritated when she lies. I get upset when I talk a lie: I do not speak lies. I’ve never even spoken lies in front of my children. I do not accept talk of lies. And the Association of Judges, particularly Yudelka Villanueva, issued a statement saying she talked to me and asked permission to go to the media to give evidence, and that’s a lie. Her second statement is also a lie, saying that talked to me and they are discussing disciplinary regulations and pension in relation to judges, that too is a lie," he said, clearly annoyed.

On the letter sent by the Association to Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, ask him to retract his statements on the ruling to shelve the Bahia de Las Aguilas land fraud case, the Chief Justice said that "judges are entitled to the association, but they are banned from any public expression incompatible with their duties."

Germán, speaking after a dissertation at Apec University, said the judges are also forbidden from taking part in "activities unrelated to their duties and give updates on affairs of the institution without the corresponding authorization."

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