Local June 13, 2013 | 9:56 am

Plaintiffs deny striking deal on Delta Intur Corp. alleged RD$1.5Bfraud

Santo Domingo. – Attorneys of the investors affectedby Delta Intur Corp.’s bankruptcy on Wednesday denied having reached anyagreement with that company and said those responsible will have to appearbefore the National District 5th Instruction Court at Ciudad Nuevaon July 1.

“The information from Delta Intur executives that bothparties have reached a satisfactory agreement is not correct, because we haven’treceived any firm and convincing proposal to nullify the filed charges offraud, conspiracy, breach of trust, money laundering and documents forgery thatjeopardized more than 150 families who placed their trust in that institutionapproved by the Securities Superintendence," said their attorneys Lincoln Erick Hernandez Peguero andRafael Vasquez.

In a statement the plaintiffs said despite the ongoingtalks among the parts, Delta Intur’s representatives have yet to offer a solutionto the many bondholders affected by the illegal appropriation of their savingsand investments more than one year ago.

Delta Intur’s executives and related traders face chargesof embezzling more than RD$1.5 billion filed last November in Dominican Republiccourts, with more than 175 people and companies allegedly defrauded throughcorporate bonds and debt.

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