Local June 17, 2013 | 5:20 pm

UN’s Valerie Julliand leaves with fondness for Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- UN Program for Development (UNDP) coordinator Valerie Julliand called Dominicans a working, hospitable and caring people, with an extraordinary desire to progress and develop.

The UN official, who is leaving after concluding her tenure in the country, said she’ll always remember Dominican Republic’s solidarity as a nation to help the Haitian people in 2010 when the earthquake devastated the hemisphere’s poorest country.

Julliand said that during the more than four years as the UNDP representative she has forged her conviction that Dominicans are humane and sensitive. "During my time and my work in this country, I’ve lived a nice experience with the receptivity and warmth of you Dominicans, your desire to work, your sense of solidarity and permanent longing for progress."

The UN official spoke during a farewell and recognition ceremony hosted by European Development Funds director Antonio Vargas.

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