Local June 18, 2013 | 8:40 am

Disorder keeps nearly 5,000 fugitives on the street

Santo Domingo.- As of last week the National District Office of the Prosecutor and the National Police seek 5,015 people with outstanding warrants, 4,900 of which are fugitives or in contempt of court.

The National Police Fugitive Dept. says from June 2012 to date 383 people were declared fugitives, 268 of which were charged and arraigned.

National Police acknowledges that the number of men and women fugitives grows by the day, on crimes including murder, child sexual rape, theft, fraud and drug trafficking.

As to the National Police Website’s "fugitives" link, investigators say the National District Office of the Prosecutor sends many of those cases to help them apprehend people with outstanding warrants, but some never been caught or prosecuted.

The police admit that the disorganized records on fugitives and citizens prosecuted as criminals make their detention more difficult.

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