Local June 24, 2013 | 7:59 am

Official says Santo Domingo’s Mayor lies in “garage university” showdown

Santo Domingo.- The legal adviser of the State Works Supervising Engineers Office (OISOE) on Sunday said Santo Domingo mayor Roberto Salcedo lied about the construction of the controversial pedestrian bridge over the seaside avenue El Malecon, in front of Unicaribe University.

Frank Reynaldo Fermín said the OISOE suspended the work on the structure, once the National District Municipal Court ruled against the construction.

He said Salcedo is the one who violated the rule of law when in April a City Council crew proceeded to demolish the bridge, without a ruling from any court.

Fermín’s statement heightens the showdown between the government and the National District City Council over the pedestrian bridge in front of Unicaribe, dubbed a “garage university” by the media, on its unplanned growth denounced by residents of adjacent neighborhoods

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